balance of heat

balance of heat
баланс тепла
тепловой баланс

English-Russian dictionary of chemistre. 2014.

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  • Heat flux — or thermal flux is a flow of energy per unit of area per unit of time. In SI units, it is measured in [W·m 2] . It has both a direction and a magnitude so it is a vectorial quantity. To define the heat flux at a certain point in space, one takes… …   Wikipedia

  • Heat transfer — is a discipline of thermal engineering that concerns the exchange of thermal energy from one physical system to another. Heat transfer is classified into various mechanisms, such as heat conduction, convection, thermal radiation, and phase change …   Wikipedia

  • Heat flux sensor — A heat flux sensor is a commonly used name for a transducer generating a signal that is proportional to the local heat flux. This heat flux can have different origins; in principle convective , radiative as well as conductive heat can be measured …   Wikipedia

  • balance — [1] The state in which weight is evenly distributed. [2] The action of applying weights or drilling holes in something to establish even weight distribution so that vibration is reduced. Also see balance shaft counter balance crankshaft counter… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • heat balance — šilumos balansas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. heat balance; thermal balance vok. Wärmebilanz, f rus. тепловой баланс, m pranc. bilan calorifique, m; bilan thermique, m …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • heat balance — /ˈhit bæləns/ (say heet baluhns) noun an evaluation of the efficiency of a furnace, steam engine, or other equipment, by drawing up a balance sheet of the heat input and heat output …  

  • heat balance — šilumos balansas statusas T sritis Energetika apibrėžtis Šiluminių procesų metu gaunamos ir suvartojamos šilumos lygybė. Reiškiamas energijos vienetais (džauliais) arba procentais bendro šilumos kiekio, suvartoto gaminamos produkcijos vienetui,… …   Aiškinamasis šiluminės ir branduolinės technikos terminų žodynas

  • Balance thermometer — Thermometer Ther*mom e*ter (th[ e]r*m[o^]m [ e]*t[ e]r), n. [Thermo + meter: cf. F. thermom[ e]tre. See {Thermal}.] (Physics) An instrument for measuring temperature, founded on the principle that changes of temperature in bodies are accompanied… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Heat balance —   The outdoor temperature at which a building s internal heat gain (from people, lights and machines) is equal to the heat loss through windows, roof and walls.   California Energy Comission. Dictionary of Energy Terms …   Energy terms

  • Balance Point —   An outdoor temperature, usually 20 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, at which a heatpump s output equals the heating demand. Below the balance point, supplementary heat is needed …   Energy terms

  • heat balance — noun : the distribution of the heat energy supplied to a thermomechanical system (as a steam power plant) among the various drains upon it including both useful output and losses; also : an evaluation or record of such distribution …   Useful english dictionary

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